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Diamond District - March On Washington (Redux)

"March on Washington" was definitely one of the better albums of 2014. This sophomore release was everything you'd expect from yU the 78er, Oddisee and Uptown XO - entertaining, lyrically thought ...

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Onoe Caponoe - Voices from Planet Cattele

Where does one begin when introducing Onoe Caponoe? In his own words, his style is "poetic beautiful psychedelic imagery type shit… also you’ll find tripped out space man relic shit and ...

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Smellington Piff - Notice of Eviction

Released on RLD Records ("Real Life Drama", Leaf Dog and BVA's label), we have the debut full-length album from one of the most interestingly-named MC's in the UK scene - Smellington ...

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Jam Baxter - ... So We Ate Them Whole

The UK hiphop juggernaut that is High Focus Records rolls on, aiming to continue an impressive streak of heavyweight releases (6 or 7 for 2014 now?!) that hit the mark ...

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